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3-3269A-00-0000-B000 Power Supply
Omron Delta Tau
ACC-E1 Power Supply
Option E power supplies directly connect the UMAC to the AC line. With these power supplies, the +/-15V supplies are not isolated from the +5V supply; they share a common reference. While the ACC-Ux backplane boards and the backplane accessory boards maintain separate references for these supplies to provide isolation, use of the Option E power supplies will tie the references together automatically and defeat isolation. External isolated supplies must be used to maintain isolation between analog and digital circuits in UMAC systems. The Acc-E1 provides a power supply that can accept an AC input from 85 VAC to 240 VAC, and output DC voltages with up to 14A at +5V, and 1.5A each at +/-15V. This power supply occupies three slots.
Black Face Plate
Black Top Plate
Black Bottom Plate with Cooling Fan