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MiR Remote Call Box
MiR Remote Call Box

MiR Remote Call Box

Axis New England
Rugged, production ready call box for MiR autonomous mobile robots.

The Axis New England AX800071 remote call box solution is a rugged,production ready, call box for MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The system is comprised of off the shelf standard hardware and uses the MiR RESTful API commands to facilitate communication to the MiR AMR.

The lightweight software runs on a local networked PC which references a spreadsheet containing mission IDs that correspond to button presses. In this example,when Button 1 on Box 1 is depressed, a mission sending the MiR to the location of Box 1 is called. The AMR dynamically navigates to the box location and then waits until Button 2 is pressed, which calls the mission to navigate it back to the drop off location.
Easily customizable and scalable byadding additional call boxes, robots,and drop off locations

Fully compatible with the MiR Fleetsoftware used for multi-robot deployments