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PEL3-G21-431-0000000 Power PMAC Etherlite Controller
Omron Delta Tau
Power PMAC Etherlite Controller
The Power PMAC CPU is the most powerful and most flexible controller that Delta Tau presently offers, now integrated into this compact, panel mount format. The Power PMAC UMAC CPU can control up to 256 axes, whether through direct local control, or distributed control over a MACRO fiber optic ring, or over an EtherCat network. Delta Tau offers enough peripherals over MACRO such that the user can customize his or her system to his liking while maintaining modularity and flexibility.
800 MHz CPU
2 GB DDR2 Memory
1 GB Flash
EtherCAT - 2 Port Master Interface
EtherCAT 8 Servo Axes and I/O